Tim & Christiane Marcy

Serving with Christian Missions in Many Lands in Japan

The Marcys arrived in Japan toward the end of 2009 and spent their first year at a language school for new missionaries. The second and third years they continued their Japanese studies, but lived in a typical Japanese community in Saku, a city near the center of the main island of Honshu. During this time they developed good relationships with their neighbors.

With their formal language training completed, they entered a two-year internship at a larger, established Japanese church in Takasaki. The three main purposes of this internship are to gain insight into how Japanese believers conduct various phases of ministry, to practice ministry in Japanese in a live ministry setting, and to form a church-planting team with like-minded Japanese believers.

It has always been the Marcy's goal to establish a local church in Japan where there isn't one at present. Roughly a year from now, when they complete their intership, they plan to move back to the Saku area to lay the groundwork for a new church.

In the meantime, during their internship, both Tim and Christiane teach English as a means of contact and outreach. Recently, as a result of this ministry, they are seeing souls saved and several coming nearer to faith.

Please pray that during their final year of internship they'll make an even closer bond with the Takasaki church, that they'll find at least one mature Japanese couple with whom to form a church-planting team, that their ability to minister in Japanese will improve exponentially, and that through their outreach more souls will be saved.

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To find out more about Christian Missions in Many Lands, visit their website at www.cmml.us

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