June 2004

This marriage resource packet was originally offered in response to the linked column: Don’t Give Up on Your Marriage. It is our prayer that you will be encouraged by the materials linked by this letter. Perhaps you are facing difficult and discouraging circumstances. Maybe you’ve thought of giving up. If you’ve felt overwhelmed with the burdens and challenges of a struggling marriage, I ask you to prayerfully consider these materials.

Below are links to the following materials:

1. Guidelines for a Successful Marriage: This article contains five relationship commitments that my wife and I have found indispensable to our marriage.

2. Why Marriages Fail by Kirby Anderson: This is an insightful article focused four negative risk factors that form barriers to oneness in marriage.

3. Five Stages of Marriage: Here is a marriage map through five developmental stages that most marriages experience.

4. Marriage enrichment exercise: Use this exercise with your husband or wife to better understand the essentials of a healthy and satisfying marriage.

5. Myths about Divorce: Myths about Divorce: A Divorce is relatively easy to obtain but it comes with more pain and difficulty than most imagine.

6. Why Has Marriage Fallen on Hard Times: This article focuses on the four main changes that have promoted the demise of God’s ideal for marriage.

7. Love cards: These cards should be used on a regular basis to objectively measure love in your relationships. God is love. If we want to be godly, we must be loving. Love is given concrete, relational definition in the verses on these cards. Also, we have included an excellent eight point communication covenant to evaluate your relationship.

Remember the key to this material will be your determination to use it. This might require some significant changes but it is worth it. If your mate is unwilling, you must determine to get your own life on the right path. Changes rarely come easily. Life is given to us moment by moment, day by day. Jesus Christ said, "Each day has enough trouble of its own." Aim for daily progress and don’t allow yourself to grow discouraged. Practice Philippians 4:6-7.

With Much Prayer,

Pastor Steve Cornell

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