Homebuilders Sunday School Class

Building godly families who are active testimonies for Christ.

The Homebuilders Sunday School Class is comprised of approximately 50 couples in their 30's-40's. The purpose of the class is to build godly families who are active testimonies for Christ. The class is led by Gene Strait and this year we are exploring God's working in the lives of the Israelites and the life-changing truths found in the old testament books of the law. We are not only taught the truth, but discover it through in-depth Bible study, use of Bible study tools, small group discussion, study guides, and more. We will strive to make the study practical and personally inspiring. Come join us as we ask God to reveal the treasures of Himself and his Word.

Fellowship within our class is facilitated by small groups called "P.I.E." groups, which stands for "Prayer, Intimacy, and Encouragement."

If you have any questions about our class, please do not hesitate to Email Gene Strait. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Numbers Part 1
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Numbers Part 2
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Numbers Part 3
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Numbers Part 4
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Numbers Part 5
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